This is another good interview with ReBorn, check it out! Thanks TuneN2IM for interviewing ReBorn:

TuneN2IM interview 14: ReBorn


Producer ReBorn was kind enough to interview with us. He recently released his first mini album "Born to Soul" Check out the music video for "You With Me". ReBorn's sweet and smooth vocals give one a relaxed and calming feeling here.

1.) Your name, what you are called, and/or alias?

2.) Where you are from, where you are active at, and etc.?
In Seoul, South Korea

3.) What age did you start?
I don't remember exactly, i guess it's been 10 years.

4.) What's your inspiration?
Everything I feel. It comes up randomly.

5.) What's your style?
Basically R&B and Soul. But I don't say it's just something.

6.) How would you describe your music?
It's mixed everything. I love put the point of each style of music. I love brass of Jazz, beat of Hiphop, melody of R&B. I always think mixing them well.

7.) What is your favorite song that you have done?
"She's in Paris" and "Too late", I worked so much time for them. I put everything i have on these tracks I think.

8.) People you have had a collaboration with and/or friends?
Yes, but not famous yet. I'm working of few members of good musicians on a new album(available on July, not fixed). It's really great. they will come up the world soon.

9.) What are your hobbies?
I really love coffee and fishing. It makes me feel calm.

10.) Anything else?
I love to have following on twit so add me please @its_reborn (I'm always trying to reply as many as possible. please be generous even if i miss your talk) and you also try on my personal website it's Korean but there's some English words you can understand.

Producer - ReBorn / 조 훈
MeloDeep Records / 멜로딥 레코드


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