Indie groups are also internationally popular [22.7.2011]

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Not just big and young idols groups are Hallyu-Groups, but less known indie groups and singers are internationally popular. For example the R'n'B singer Reborn.  Reborn has released his EP-Album "Born to soul" in May.
He composed all songs himself on that album. The album had great feedback from music reviewer and fans.
Reborn, who didn't appear in TV often, but shared his album on Youtube and Twitter, is especially in Germany popular.
The song "You With Me" entered the German Asian Music Charts on position 8 after it was released und is still in the top positions. There is also a fanclub and a fansite for Reborn. ReBorn is really happy about his popularity in Germany,  although he didn't do anything to get know, nor in Korea nor in Europe. But he is firmly convinced that good music is always popular with the fans, no matter in the native country or in foreign countries.
And that's why he wants to keep on making good music.


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