Here is the lyrics to "fallen leaves" by ReBorn. More lyric translations will come ^^

Eunbi is a girl from Switzerland who translates kpop lyrics for fans and publishes them in her website
"". I asked her for translating ReBorn's lyrics to English and she was so kind to accept it. She tried her best but even though there can be some mistakes. So we ask for your understanding. Thanks her a lot!!! ^^ She will also publish the lyrics in her own website and with German translations, too.

Fallen leaves [English]

credit: Korean to English translation @eunbii_ (Twitter)
pls give credits when reposting and ask Eunbi for permission.

whatever you say, I seem to know
changed, abandoned, my heart felt it from the beginning

quite much time has passed
there were quite many things
many struggles and disappointments we had together, now we're obviously tired

because of what, what fault are you crying again, I'm so bad
each time we're wrong together, but
now and seeing my fault

already knowing there was a separation
at least it was prepared the seperation
repeatedly, my heart is breaking out in tears


Baby don't worry I'm okay, even when I have to be alone
I'll be alright
Baby don't think about me, I'm okay
don't worry about me

I love you and it's better to leave it like this
later when I meet another person I'll remember you
Oh goodbye

what should I say, you already seem to know
it changed, my heart couldn't cheat you

I loved you very much
I seemed like not to be able to live without you
we fought to the disappointment, until we were absolutely tired

getting excited again we would have to fight on
every time just blaming the others' faults
we just didn't fit

so even the heart hurting breakup
it was harder than I thought
we're finished here
let's not meet again

very distant when we went
we could meet each other in peace
we could laugh at the past memories
we could talk
just if I could see her again
at least once, meet and see her again
(that time)
now because if I'm laughing I'll send you away
(my love good bye)

Fallen leaves [Hangul]

by ReBorn

무슨 말을 해도 난 알 수 있을 것 같아
변해 버린 네 마음을 오래 전부터 느꼈어  

꽤나 많은 시간이 지났고
꽤나 많은 일들이 있었어
많은 다툼과 실망에 우리 서로가 지친 게 분명해  

뭣 때문에 뭔 잘못에 또 울곤 해 나쁜 그대
매번 서로가 잘못했다 하지만
이제와 보니 내 탓이더라  

이미 알고 있던 이별이었어도
미리 준비했던 이별이라도
가슴이 울컥해 자꾸만 눈물이 나는데  

Baby 걱정 마 나 혼자라도 괜찮아
I'll be alright
Baby내 생각은 하지마 난 괜찮아
내 걱정하지마  

너를 사랑하며 좋았던 것만 다 남겨둘게
후에 다른 사람 만나더라도 널 기억할게
Oh good bye  

무슨 말을 할까 넌 이미 알고 있는 거 같아
변한 내 마음을 더는 속일 수가 없었어  

너를 많이 사랑했었고
너 없이는 못살 것 같았어
많은 다툼과 실망에 나 또한 지친 게 분명해  

같은 일에 왜 흥분해 또 이렇게 싸워야 해
매번 서로의 잘못을 탓하지만
우리는 결국 맞지 않더라  

그래 가슴 아픈 이별이라도
생각보다 더 힘이 들어도
우리 여기서 끝내
다시는 만나지 않기로 해  

아주 멀리 시간이 갔을 때
서로 편히 만날 수 있을 때
지난 우리 추억 웃으며
말할 수 있을 때  

그때 꼭 한번 만나봤으면
단 한번만이라도 만나 봤으면
(그 언젠가)
이제 웃으면서 너를 보낼게
(My love good bye)

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