Here is the English translation to the song "바라지 않아" ^^. 

A friend of mine in Twitter ( @9_eunji ) was so kind to accept my request to translate the new song of Reborn.
It was difficult for her to translate the lyrics, so there must be some mistakes. This translation is not 100% right but it will give us a little understanding of the song.

I read a sad story on the unintentionally opened book
Just like the two of us
that we shouldn't go apart

When I turned back, I couldn't forget
Seeing our pictures which I kept
Everyday which passed a whole night in tears and
me looking for you in the past

I don't want you to come back
I wouldn't find you anxiously
I only look back to our sad break up

There was a blind alley, I lost where to go
I didn't want to break the long relation with you

Where should I come back around here
Seeing your trace I kept
The love is really over
Painfilly I said to myself again that you're erased

Hook x2

I'm not sad
I can't stop it
I don't want you
I only sadly crying
I've never


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