ReBorn is working on his 3rd album

On 5th March, Reborn uploaded a new video to his Youtube channel, telling that he is still on track doing music.
In this video he gives us a glimse of his new work and upcoming album.
Check it out!! ^__^

video uploaded by ItsReBorn
ReBorn took the 16th place in the "The German Asian Music Charts" of January 2012.

ReBorn's popularity is still high among the German Korean music listeners.
He just entered the "German Asian Music Charts" of January with his new song "I don't want" and took the 16th place.

Last year, ReBorn retained with his song "you with me" 3 months in the TOP 20 of the "German Asian Music Charts".
Congrats to our favorite musician ReBorn!!^^

Music Video and Hangul lyrics to ReBorns new Single "바라지 않아

ReBorn's new single album "바라지 않아" (I don't want) and music video was released yesterday.
You can purchase the single album as mp3 in all Korean music download sites.

Single: 바라지 않아
Lable: Melodeep Records

01 - 바라지 않아
02 - 바라지 않아 (instrumental)

It is a beautiful ballad telling the story of a man who became alone after his lover moved out.
And he tries to get her things away. In the Music Video is also a funny scene, but I won't tell more about it.
So just watch it and spread our favorite musician's song into the world ^_^.

Video was uploaded to youtube by AsianDream2018


Here you can read the Korean lyrics to this song
and also the English translation will be published here really soon ^^.



"바라지 않아"

문뜩 펼쳐든 책에서 슬픈 이야길 보았어
마치 우리 둘 처럼
해서는 안될 이별을

돌아서면 잊혀질까
간직했던 우리 사진을 보면서
눈물로 매일을 지샜던 날들과
지난 시간 속에 널 찾는 내 모습

돌아오길 바라지 않아
널 애태워 찾지 않아
다만 슬픈 우리 이별을 안타까워 돌아 볼 뿐야

막다른 골목이였어 더 이상 갈 곳을 잃었어
놓치고 싶지 않았어 길었던 너와의 끊을

이쯤이면 돌아올까
간직했던 너의 흔적을 보면서
정말로 끝나버린 사랑이라며
또 애써 내게 널 지우라 하지만

돌아오길 바라지 않아
널 애태워 찾지 않아
다만 슬픈 우리 이별을 안타까워 돌아 볼 뿐야

돌아오길 바라지 않아
널 붙잡고 싶지 않아
다만 서툰 우리 사랑을 안타까워 돌아 볼 뿐야

슬프지 않아 굳이 아무렇지 않다는 듯이
웃어봐도 눈물이 아무렇지 않다는 듯이
흘러 내리 잖아
멈출 수 없자나

너를 원하지 않아
다만 안타까워 슬피 울 뿐야
절대로 난

2011 Real R&B Concert

Here is a new video of the 2011 Real R&B Concert.
We can see in the video all singers and of course also a short part of ReBorn's performance.
It must have been a wonderful night. Check it out :)
credit: kyungkim99 at youtube
MV teaser - 바라지 않아 (Don't want you any)

The MV teaser for Reborn's new mini album is released now. The new title song is called "바라지 않아"
His new album is coming soon. Please keep your ears on ReBorn in his Twitter or his facebook account.
The new MV could be released any time!!^^
Let's spread the new teaser everywhere and support our favorite musician ReBorn!!!

Let's enjoy the new wonderful teaser until the full release of it!! :)
ReBorn in an independent film called "Hobby"

ReBorn acted in an independent film called "Hobby", which is about the ruin of social network.
He played the role of a victim killed by a twitter psycho. It's the first time that he acts in a movie.

It's an impressive movie and well done made.
Keep it up!! :)
     This short movie was made on July 2011, by ATC Media
     Director : 어명주
     Cinematographer: : 박지호 (Mickey)
     Music : 백선철 (Sendo)
     Production support : 김경수
     Cast : 조훈 (ReBorn), 길민우
     Production : 김형민
     uploaded to youtube by ReBorn (ItsReBorn)
Prologue of a song 'Martini' (Chapter 1)
ReBorn uploaded a video to his new youtube Channel (ItsReBorn)
Check it out! It's amazing. We are all looking forward to the full song, right?! ^^

Credit: Reborn (ItsReBorn official youtube channel)

"This is chapter 1.
Beat making of a new song called 'Martini'
I tried to use real instruments as many as possible, i'm not good at playing them though.
I'll sing this song in chapter two and finish with this.

Thank you for watching"

Reborn & Heenseol sing 'falling slowly'

"Falling Slowly" is a song written and performed by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, as well as by Hansard's band, The Frames. It appeared in their 2007 film Once, from which it won the Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 80th Oscars. cr:

credit: Reborn & Heenseol; Uploader: heenseol@youtube

An amazing song combined with such an amazing voice!! Thanks to ReBorn and Heenseol for this great cover!!
I can't stop playing it :)
ReBornFans fan site has opened a youtube channel!

I opened a ReBornfans youtube channel:

And I uploaded already two videos of ReBorn that he had already  posted on his personal website.

Check it out!  ^^