2011 Real R&B Concert

Here is a new video of the 2011 Real R&B Concert.
We can see in the video all singers and of course also a short part of ReBorn's performance.
It must have been a wonderful night. Check it out :)
credit: kyungkim99 at youtube
ReBorn performed his songs in the "Real R&B Concert", in Seoulon 9th October 2011 .
Here are some pictures of the concert that I got from ReBorn for his fans:

And here are pictures from ReBorn's personal Facebook page (facebook.com/itsreborn2)
He looks great, isn't it? :)
Many fans, including me, wished to be there and to listen to ReBorn's songs.
But if you have been able to visit this concert, so don't hesitate to share your feelings with us^^

ReBorn will perform in "2011 Real R&B Concert".
If you have the opportunity to come, don't miss it ^^

source: ticket.interpark.com

2011 Real R&B Concert

Info source: http://ticket.interpark.com

Real R&B, Live concert
Date: 09/10/2011
Place: 올림픽공원내 올림픽홀 뮤즈라이브 (Olympic Park/Hall, Muse Live)
Performer: 고은, K Jun, ReBorn, Kein, Kelly, Soulman, 나오미

More Informations and tickets: http://ticket.interpark.com

2011 real R&B concert SPOT
uploader: doubleD1228

source: http://ticket.interpark.com
source: http://ticket.interpark.com