ReBorn is working on his 3rd album

On 5th March, Reborn uploaded a new video to his Youtube channel, telling that he is still on track doing music.
In this video he gives us a glimse of his new work and upcoming album.
Check it out!! ^__^

video uploaded by ItsReBorn
ReBorn in New York

ReBorn had been in New York for one week on November and left us many messages and pictures
at his facebook page. ^_^

He also published many pictures of his time in New York at his cyworld blog.
Here are some of his 1st and 2nd day...

You can see many more pictures in ReBorn's cyworld blog

ReBorn has been in Jeju Island last week and took these beautiful pictures ^_^...

Uploaded on facebook: 11.10.11 by ReBorn
Picture 1:

ReBorn: "소정방 폭포였나요...
더이상 대머리가 되기 전에 편히 자연인흉내를 내보려고 묶어 보았습니다"

Picture 2:

ReBorn: "best coffee shop in Juju. taking greatest coffee ever. having a rest with facebook. haha-"

Picture 3:

ReBorn: "the sea told me many things.


i forgot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kkkkkkk"

_ReBorn was very surprised about the many German fans following him at twitter and wrote about it in his blog:

"surprising with Germans"

credit: (personal blog of ReBorn)

"I don't know what to say.
It's really great to see every mention you gave me.
am i walkin in a dream?
Thanx all ya love. 

유툽에 누가 뮤비를 올렸는지..그걸 또 어떻게 봤는지
트윗으로 독일분들의 팔로잉이 급속도로 늘어나고있다.
난 그냥 클릭 클릭 하고 팔로우 해줬을 뿐인데도
겁나 좋아해준다.
걍 앨범하나 내고 유툽에 노래 올라가있을 뿐인데
날 kpop스타로 봐주는 그들 ㅡㅡ....
한국에선 겁나 무명인인데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

머 어디서든 내음악을 듣고 좋아한다면
그대는 나의 브라더시스터 아니겠는가!"