Here is the English translation to the song "바라지 않아" ^^. 

A friend of mine in Twitter ( @9_eunji ) was so kind to accept my request to translate the new song of Reborn.
It was difficult for her to translate the lyrics, so there must be some mistakes. This translation is not 100% right but it will give us a little understanding of the song.

I read a sad story on the unintentionally opened book
Just like the two of us
that we shouldn't go apart

When I turned back, I couldn't forget
Seeing our pictures which I kept
Everyday which passed a whole night in tears and
me looking for you in the past

I don't want you to come back
I wouldn't find you anxiously
I only look back to our sad break up

There was a blind alley, I lost where to go
I didn't want to break the long relation with you

Where should I come back around here
Seeing your trace I kept
The love is really over
Painfilly I said to myself again that you're erased

Hook x2

I'm not sad
I can't stop it
I don't want you
I only sadly crying
I've never

Music Video and Hangul lyrics to ReBorns new Single "바라지 않아

ReBorn's new single album "바라지 않아" (I don't want) and music video was released yesterday.
You can purchase the single album as mp3 in all Korean music download sites.

Single: 바라지 않아
Lable: Melodeep Records

01 - 바라지 않아
02 - 바라지 않아 (instrumental)

It is a beautiful ballad telling the story of a man who became alone after his lover moved out.
And he tries to get her things away. In the Music Video is also a funny scene, but I won't tell more about it.
So just watch it and spread our favorite musician's song into the world ^_^.

Video was uploaded to youtube by AsianDream2018


Here you can read the Korean lyrics to this song
and also the English translation will be published here really soon ^^.



"바라지 않아"

문뜩 펼쳐든 책에서 슬픈 이야길 보았어
마치 우리 둘 처럼
해서는 안될 이별을

돌아서면 잊혀질까
간직했던 우리 사진을 보면서
눈물로 매일을 지샜던 날들과
지난 시간 속에 널 찾는 내 모습

돌아오길 바라지 않아
널 애태워 찾지 않아
다만 슬픈 우리 이별을 안타까워 돌아 볼 뿐야

막다른 골목이였어 더 이상 갈 곳을 잃었어
놓치고 싶지 않았어 길었던 너와의 끊을

이쯤이면 돌아올까
간직했던 너의 흔적을 보면서
정말로 끝나버린 사랑이라며
또 애써 내게 널 지우라 하지만

돌아오길 바라지 않아
널 애태워 찾지 않아
다만 슬픈 우리 이별을 안타까워 돌아 볼 뿐야

돌아오길 바라지 않아
널 붙잡고 싶지 않아
다만 서툰 우리 사랑을 안타까워 돌아 볼 뿐야

슬프지 않아 굳이 아무렇지 않다는 듯이
웃어봐도 눈물이 아무렇지 않다는 듯이
흘러 내리 잖아
멈출 수 없자나

너를 원하지 않아
다만 안타까워 슬피 울 뿐야
절대로 난

ReBorn's 2nd single album "바라지 않아"

Great NEWS for all Reborn Fans!! ^_^
ReBorn 2nd single album "바라지 않아" (I do not want) will be published on 21st December 2011!!!

This is the beautiful cover of the 2nd album:
ReBorn in New York

ReBorn had been in New York for one week on November and left us many messages and pictures
at his facebook page. ^_^

He also published many pictures of his time in New York at his cyworld blog.
Here are some of his 1st and 2nd day...

You can see many more pictures in ReBorn's cyworld blog