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ReBornFans interview with our most favorite Korean musician ReBorn
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Interviewer: Kyujunnie and Chunminie
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This is an interview with our most favorite Korean musician ReBorn.
My friend Chunminie and I asked him for an interview and even he was pretty busy, he was so kind to accept our request. Thanks Reborn for giving us the chance to know more about him ^_^ .
While reading his answers we had much fun. I‘m sure you will have it, too.

Here we go…

You worked really hard on your first album 'born to soul'. Every song is well picked and has a nice tune. How are your feelings about it? Are you pleased with it?
It took almost 6 months to make this album 'born to soul'. I tried so hard to make it as much as possible, not to regret after publishing it. Now I'm so glad you recognize my songs.

Making an album is very hard as a singer and a producer. What was the most difficult part for you while doing this album?
I sent them to mix so many mixing engineers, but it was not easy to find the right person who could mix them well. I found one finally who becomes a friend now (called NaPD, he has really great skill of mixing and mastering).
The other thing was, I was not sure that tracks are whether good. When listening to tracks so many times, it's really easy to forget what's good or what's bed. Now I think it's not bad at least, cause there are fans who love my music right? Haha.

Without any support it's impossible to produce such a great album. Who was by your side and encouraged you?
So many people. I can't pick just one of them. I owe them a lot. Hope I have a chance to pay back to them one day.

How did the people around you respond to your album? Were they glad about your hard working?
Yes, some of them. They said my album will be known by some underground manias. Because songs are not such exoteric. Actually I meant to make it too. No one could have thought I could have fans in oversea. They're still saying it's unbelievable.

All your songs have a nice storyline and are telling about deep and true love. Are they based on personal experience?
Yes, I write every songs based on the story I had. Sometimes not, but almost.

You are pretty busy with writing songs. Can you tell anything about your latest song?
Haha secret. You will know when it comes out. If I give a hint, I‘m trying to collaborate with a German rapper. It will be awesome.

You already covered with Heenseol the song "falling slowly" by the OST for the movie "Once". And the outcome was so good. Have you ever thought about composing English songs, too?
Yes, but I'm not that good at English. T.T maybe one day I will make one. By the way I didn't know the song 'falling slowly'. Heenseol told me that song was good and I practiced singing few hours and then we filmed it in a day.

You published three songs on your my-space: 'can't sleep tonight', 'don't love won't love' and 'hurt'. These songs have different styles as the songs on your album. Your fans are really interested in them and are wondering if you are going to publish them in an album. Have you ever thought about it?
Haha, I will. Actually I don't make only one style. I don't care about the genre when I make music. I love rock, techno, pop and hiphop too. It does not matter. Good music is good music.


For a composer, singer and producer instruments are very important. They are the key to music. On your facebook-site you posted so many pictures showing your studio and equipment. Which instruments do you play? And which is your favorite one?
I can't play instruments very well. I play them as much as I need. I usually work with computer composing program. These days, it's important to know how to control every music softwares. And almost musicians work on computer now. My favorite one? computer mouse. Haha.

Are there any musicians or singers you would love to work with?
There are so many good musicians out there. I want to work with every different style of musicians.


You have quite exhausting days as a producer. If you find a peaceful moment for yourself, what do you do for relaxing?
Love drinking coffee with listening to Jazz. Going to fish. Going to bush to camp. But the best one is drinking alcohol with my friends haha. Laughing, talking, eating with no stress and no concern is the best thing I guess.

You are in twitter and facebook with many followers on both sites. Most of them are from different countries, especially from Germany. How was your reaction to this unexpected interest to your person and to your music? How did the people around you respond to it?
It makes me feel dreaming. Still, i can't believe this whether is real or not. Even my family and friends say 'don't lie' haha. In Korea, I'm not that famous as in Germany of others (well..maybe it's not either).
There's huge intense in Korea music market. Without spending a lot of money for publicity activities, it's really hard to be known. Only musicians recognize me and like my songs. Uhm...I have only 1st album right? People in Korea will know my songs soon I wish. At least, i have fans from oversea!! Haha.

Do you have more aims for this year besides finishing your first album? Will your fans be seeing you with new projects?
Yeap. Tracks are already come out. I'm considering which one to pick. You will see it soon ^^

We finally came to the end of our interview. We hope you had much fun. Is there any message you want to send to your fans?
Thank you, and thank you again. I know I'm saying 'thank you' many times but I can't find any other words to say better then thank you. I was shocked with you have such a huge passion of music. And that gives me the energy to make more good music. Please keep support me as now. I promise that I'll put forth ounce of my energy.
Ich liebe dich !!!!

Prologue of a song 'Martini' (Chapter 1)
ReBorn uploaded a video to his new youtube Channel (ItsReBorn)
Check it out! It's amazing. We are all looking forward to the full song, right?! ^^

Credit: Reborn (ItsReBorn official youtube channel)

"This is chapter 1.
Beat making of a new song called 'Martini'
I tried to use real instruments as many as possible, i'm not good at playing them though.
I'll sing this song in chapter two and finish with this.

Thank you for watching"