Congratulations to ReBorn!! ^^
ReBorn's song "you with me" ranks 8 in the German Asian Music Charts
of May 2011
cr.: remarkableforum
ReBorn Wallpaper/ Calendar (June 2011)
created by rebornfans (source of the ReBorn picture in the Wallpaper:

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Reborn & Heenseol sing 'falling slowly'

"Falling Slowly" is a song written and performed by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, as well as by Hansard's band, The Frames. It appeared in their 2007 film Once, from which it won the Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 80th Oscars. cr:

credit: Reborn & Heenseol; Uploader: heenseol@youtube

An amazing song combined with such an amazing voice!! Thanks to ReBorn and Heenseol for this great cover!!
I can't stop playing it :)
ReBornFans fan site has opened a youtube channel!

I opened a ReBornfans youtube channel:

And I uploaded already two videos of ReBorn that he had already  posted on his personal website.

Check it out!  ^^
_ReBorn was very surprised about the many German fans following him at twitter and wrote about it in his blog:

"surprising with Germans"

credit: (personal blog of ReBorn)

"I don't know what to say.
It's really great to see every mention you gave me.
am i walkin in a dream?
Thanx all ya love. 

유툽에 누가 뮤비를 올렸는지..그걸 또 어떻게 봤는지
트윗으로 독일분들의 팔로잉이 급속도로 늘어나고있다.
난 그냥 클릭 클릭 하고 팔로우 해줬을 뿐인데도
겁나 좋아해준다.
걍 앨범하나 내고 유툽에 노래 올라가있을 뿐인데
날 kpop스타로 봐주는 그들 ㅡㅡ....
한국에선 겁나 무명인인데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

머 어디서든 내음악을 듣고 좋아한다면
그대는 나의 브라더시스터 아니겠는가!"

This is another good interview with ReBorn, check it out! Thanks TuneN2IM for interviewing ReBorn:

TuneN2IM interview 14: ReBorn


Producer ReBorn was kind enough to interview with us. He recently released his first mini album "Born to Soul" Check out the music video for "You With Me". ReBorn's sweet and smooth vocals give one a relaxed and calming feeling here.

1.) Your name, what you are called, and/or alias?

2.) Where you are from, where you are active at, and etc.?
In Seoul, South Korea

3.) What age did you start?
I don't remember exactly, i guess it's been 10 years.

4.) What's your inspiration?
Everything I feel. It comes up randomly.

5.) What's your style?
Basically R&B and Soul. But I don't say it's just something.

6.) How would you describe your music?
It's mixed everything. I love put the point of each style of music. I love brass of Jazz, beat of Hiphop, melody of R&B. I always think mixing them well.

7.) What is your favorite song that you have done?
"She's in Paris" and "Too late", I worked so much time for them. I put everything i have on these tracks I think.

8.) People you have had a collaboration with and/or friends?
Yes, but not famous yet. I'm working of few members of good musicians on a new album(available on July, not fixed). It's really great. they will come up the world soon.

9.) What are your hobbies?
I really love coffee and fishing. It makes me feel calm.

10.) Anything else?
I love to have following on twit so add me please @its_reborn (I'm always trying to reply as many as possible. please be generous even if i miss your talk) and you also try on my personal website it's Korean but there's some English words you can understand.

Producer - ReBorn / 조 훈
MeloDeep Records / 멜로딥 레코드

Here are the lyrics of the song "you with me" by ReBorn. Thanks Mi-Young Jin @Youtube for translating the lyrics to english and subbing ReBorns music video. (The subbed video is not available in youtube anymore)

ReBorn - you with me [English]

credit: Mi-Young Jin @Youtube
If using elsewhere please credit!

Remember the awkwardness of when we first met?
We went to the movies and sat together, side by side
This was when I had my one sided love towards you
This is when I felt like a foolish kid

Sometimes I hate it when I seem to be indecisive
In [the back] of my mind I still remember the love that even time can't change
Powerless against your power, I, I, I end up being a burden to you
Believe in me a little bit and I'll protect you so that you can [feel safe]

I may be a burden, but I'll always be by your side
I can't [promise] that you won't get hurt, but I'll be there to bear it with you
I may make mistakes, but I'll always defend you
This is a promise, [I'll] love you forever

When I see how things are going, I hide and secretly cry (I see how things are going)
My heart hurts from loneliness (lonely)
It remains in denial (Won't acknowledge)
Will you never see that I'm in tears?
So far from what is seen (what is seen)
I can only [express] thoughtless things (but I didn't)

Sometimes I hate it when I seem to be indecisive (when this happens)
Think about in the past when you once only looked at me
Powerless against your power, I, I, I end up being a burden to you
Believe in me a little bit and I'll protect you so that you can [feel safe]

I may be a burden, but I'll always be by your side (I may be a burden)
I can't [promise] that you won't get hurt, but I'll be there to bear it with you ([might] get hurt)
I may make mistakes, but I'll always defend you (like a fool)
This is a promise, [I'll] love you forever

At times it may seem as if there are numerous temptations from even common sounds, but
Old love won't hurt you, but sometimes
This is the only promise (Now I promise) I'll always be next to you (Always)
Please believe this love

I may be a burden, but I'll always be by your side
I can't [promise] that you won't get hurt, but I'll be there to bear it with you
I may make mistakes, but I'll always defend you
This is a promise, [I'll stay] forever with you

Already, it may seem tiring, but [I'll always support you]
All this pain, I'll bear, but it's won't feel like too much
I may seem weak but I'll defend you with [strength]
This is a promise, [I'll stay] forever with you

ReBorn - you with me [Hangul]

credit: music.cyworld

기억해 우리 처음 만나 어색했던 그 때를
영화를 보고 둘이서 서로 나란히 앉아서
그 시절의 사랑하나로 곁에 있는 너인데
여기 지금의 내 모습은 마치 바보같은 어린애

가끔 내가 미워질 때면 정말 내가 못된 짓 할 때면
사랑했던 마음 기억해줄래 조금만 날 용서해줄래
힘이들때 힘이 못 되면 되려 내가 네게 짐이 될 때면
조금 나를 믿고 버텨내줄래 너의 마음 내가 감싸안을게

항상 곁에 있을게 비록 짐이 될 지 모르지만
변치않을게 때로 상처 줄 지 모르지만
항상 지켜줄게 때론 철없이도 굴겠지만
이것만은 약속할게 love you forever

나 몰래 가끔 혼자 울던 니 모습을 볼 때면 (널 볼때면)
가슴이 아려 혼자서 (혼자서) 힘들었구나 몰랐고
날 만나 눈물 없게 하겠다던 나였는데
아직까지도 내 모습은 철없는 모습뿐인데

가끔 내가 미워질 때면 정말 내가 못된 짓 할 때면 (나 이럴때면)
지난날의 우릴 생각해줄래 다시 한번 날 바라볼래
힘이들때 힘이 못 되면 되려 내가 네게 짐이 될 때면
조금 나를 믿고 힘을 내줄래 따스히 널 감싸안을게

항상 곁에 있을게 비록 짐이 될 지 모르지만 (짐이 될 지 모르지만)
변치않을게 때로 상처 줄 지 모르지만 (상처 줄 지 모르겠지만)
항상 지켜줄게 때론 철없이도 굴겠지만 (바보같겠지만)
이것만은 약속할게 love you forever

수많은 유혹이 다가올 때 때론 흔들리겠지만
오래된 사랑이라 익숙해 때론 널 아프게 하겠지만
이것 하나만은 약속할게 (나 이제 약속할게)
나 언제나 니옆에 있을게 (나 언제나)
이런 날 믿고 사랑해줄래

항상 곁에 있을게 비록 짐이 될 지 모르지만
변치않을게 때로 상처 줄 지 모르지만
항상 지켜줄게 때론 철없이도 굴겠지만
이것만은 약속할게 forever with you

항상 곁에 있을게 이미 지쳤는지 모르지만
변치 않을게 많은 아픔도 운명이지만
항상 지켜줄게 아직 많이 약한 나이지만
이것만은 약속할게 forever with you

That's a wonderful interview by the German kpop forum "Remarkable". Thanks ReBorn and "Remarkable"
for doing such a great interview . After reading this interview you will love ReBorn more and more!!
I'm sure about it ;)

   [110503] Interview with the Korean musician "ReBorn"

Interview by Kimia
All credits to re[mark]able (German kpop forum)
If you want to post the interview somewhere else,
please inform remarkable and don't forget to take out the full credits!

Name: Hoon Cho
Stage-Name: ReBorn
Birthday: 26.01
Birth Place: Inchoen, Korea
Height: 176cm
Melodeep Records
official website:
Twitter: @its_reborn
Cyworld: (personal website)

Your stage name is "Re-Born". Why did you choose this name? What's the meaning behind it?
I was born again since i started to make music. I couldn't concentrate on a thing, not even 30 minitues. But if i start to make music, i don't even notice, how time passes. I don't even go to the bathroom in hours. Sometimes I'm surprised by myself. Music is something really important to me. That's why i call my self reborn since i started music.

Did you always want to become a singer?
No, never. I wanted to be a producer making real good music. I'm still working hard on it.

Why did you decided to be a singer?
I really didn't want to sing. But there was no singer, i liked nearby me. I thought 'what if i sing?'. That's how i started to record a song. It was not bad. (People told me that, i didn't agree though.) Now I'm a singer. Funny huh?

When did you started to do music?
It's been 10 years already. I'm still bad. I need more practice.

Where and how do you write songs? Do you go to your favorite place and wait for inspiration
or do you just have moments of inspiration where you take a pen and write it down?
Mostly in my studio or at home. I have a mobile composing system, so I can make music anytime, anywhere I want. When it's hard to write a song, I go to the Cafe very often (I love coffee sososososo much :) Real Esspresso!!). It's really helpful when i got stuck with a song. Sometimes I get up from bed and run to my laptop. I don't want to miss a sinlge nice melody :D.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
From everywhere, everyone, every feeling. Sorry it's hard to explain. It just pops up suddenly.

You debuted some days ago with your song "You with me". What's the story behind this song?
There's a man who loves a woman. It's been few years they've been going out and they start to loose each other. At this time, the man tries not to break up by telling her their stories from the beginning of their love and what he is going to try, how he's going to keep his word.

You're first mini album "Born to Soul" was also released some days ago. How would you describe the sound and feeling of this album?
I tried to make the songs not too light, not too deep. Every song goes smoothly. I want them to be listened to not just once, not listened few times and than been thrown away. It's very easy to listen and feel, I think.

If you could choose one song out of it, which represents your music, which would it be?

It's really difficult to pick one. They are just like my children (I don't have one though :D). They all have different stories. I can't just pick one sorry ^^;

As a musician what's most important thing for you?
To keep my first intention: never chasing money instead of music.

What's your goal as a musician?
Songs i made, have stories. I want poeple feel what I tried to say with the songs. If there is one person who cries or smiles after listening to my music, I'm done.

Which musicians do you like? who are your idols, your influences?

Actually I don't listen to Korean music, neither the present ones. Musiq child, Craig David, Jamie Fox, there are thousands of artists i like :)

Do you have a philosophy of life or a favorite quote?
Enjoy my life. Love every hour, I have. Don't do, what I wouldn't like if others do it.

What are your interests expect music? what do you do when you don't do music?

I love fishing, snowboarding(only in Winter), playing pool, drinking (I like to talk with friends drunken haha). These days? Replying German fans!!

If you didn't became a musician what would you do now?
Just a salesman? Or a business man? I don't know. I wanted to become a musician since i was a child.

Did you ever thought your songs would have such an impact on german fans?
How could I? Even in Korea. I always think my songs are not that good, not enough to make poeple like them. Friends told me 'your songs are good', but I thought they lied. I never ever thought that it'll be liked over so there so much.

What was your first thought when you found out that you've got so many german fans?

Am I in heaven? Is this a dream? I told my friends about it. They coulnd't believe it. (I didn't even try to explain them because I couldn't believe it either.) Wow...I'll never forget the feeling I had felt at first.

What comes into your mind when you hear "Germany"?

Sososososo surprised. Never felt this before in my life. Shock, good shock. Germans really get me to work hard.

What are your future plans? Any new songs in work?
I'm working on a project album called 'SooDoGwon brothers' which means 'Metapolitan brothers' (with musicians who live around Seoul). It's coming out this July (not fixed yet). This album will be great. I'm so excited about it. And I got lots of tracks already made (only re-recording left). When they are done, I'll publish them as a single. Please enjoy them too :D.

Thanks so much for this interview with us. We'll support you in future too and we're waiting for new music of you! Keep on the great work! Thank you!

You asked me hard questions haha. I'll keep your support and love and I'll pay you back with great songs. Thank you all!

"Danke schon!!!!"
ReBorn's album will be released on itunes on the 20th June. Till then you can buy the album on yesasia or other korean music download sites! Please support him with buying his album!


How to pre-listen his album:

You can listen to the songs "She is in Paris" and "too late" on ReBorn's official website:

To listen to all songs in full length:
Therefore you need the Program "BGM"to listen to it on ReBorn's official cyworld blog:

You can download the BGM player here:

Install it and go to the cyworld blog to listen to the songs with this player:

1st Mini Album 'Born To Soul

1. She’s in Paris (Instrumental)
2. Too late
3. 그 노래
4. I’m sorry (feat.Sun.y)
5. You with me
6. Fallen leaves (feat.Woori)


My most favorite songs are "I'm sorry" and "fallen leaves", but all songs are great!! I purchased the album already at Yes Asia and Soribada.

Reborn replied me on twitter about his song "I'm sorry", because I was so curious about its meaning.
He tweeted that : "a man and a woman let each other leave because they love each other so much. Can't have each other because they can't treat well." It's a beautiful sad love song.