ReBorn is working on his 3rd album

On 5th March, Reborn uploaded a new video to his Youtube channel, telling that he is still on track doing music.
In this video he gives us a glimse of his new work and upcoming album.
Check it out!! ^__^

video uploaded by ItsReBorn
                                 ReBorn is popular among Romanian Korea fans

Just last year, Reborn had an interview with the Romanian "Korea Film" website (, which we also had re-published in our rebornfans fan site. 

This year in February, ReBorn made his second interview with his Romanian fans. This time he had an interview
with a kpop news website, called "Kpopro" (, which gives the latest newst about Korean pop music.

That shows that our favorite musician is also very popular or well known among Romanian Korea fans.

At ReBorn's latest interview with "Kpopro", he gave new information about his upcoming works and answered 15 questions about himself.

So if you're intrested, I'm sure that you are, just visit this link and read the whole interview ;)