ReBorn released his 4th digital single "많은게달라도 (My Love)" feat ViNu today!

It contains 3 Tracks:
  1. 많은게 달라도 (Feat. ViNu)
  2. 많은게 달라도 (Original Ver.)
  3. 많은게 달라도 (inst.)

It's a Jazzy and Blues style Medium Tempo RnB song. Check it out! ^_^
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- released 17 January 2013
- Song composed and lyric by ReBorn.
- Guitar and synthesizer by ReBorn.
- Bass and E.P Keyboard by 이상원.
- Mixed by ReBorn.
- Mastered by 나감독@LoFi House.


많은게 달라
음식부터 성격 패션까지
하루를 거르지 않아

조금씩 더 조금씩 널 알아가면서
생각보다 따듯한 네게 빠진것 같아

귀엽기도 해
때론 듬직한 남자 같애
한마디에 말로 나를 울리고 웃음줄수 있어

너와 있다보면
하루가 너무 짧게 느껴져요
이런 나를 아나요
혹 너도 나와 같나요

많은게 달라도
왠지 나는 자꾸 니가 끌려
첨부터 모든걸
쉽게 다 맞출수는 없어

널 바라보면
자꾸만 웃음이 나와
설명 할 수는 없어도
말할수 있는건 하나

My girl oh you are my girl
That's my love
My boy oh you are my boy
My love oh that's my baby
Oh my baby
Oh that's my baby oh my baby

-verse 2
누나 같아
하나부터 열까지 내 전부다
챙겨주고 되려 내게 힘이 되곤해

조금씩 더 조금씩 널 알아 갈수록
생각보다 깊숙한 맘에 널 담아두고 있어

철 없기도 해
때론 어린 아이같애
싸울때 마다 결국엔 항상 미안하다 말해

너와 있다보면
내 맘이 너무 편해져요
이게 사랑인거죠
혹 너도 나와 같나요

서로다른 삶을 살아왔어도
느낄 수 있는 사랑은 같은 걸요
너도 나와 같은 마음 인가요
우리 정말 사랑하나요

You are my girl
너무 많은게 달라도
(No matter)
You are my boy
너무 많은게 달라도
(No matter)
You are my only boy
(Don't matter baby)
너무 많은게 달라도
서로가 달라도
(많은게 달라도)
ReBorn's new digital single '안되는데' (No way) is released. Check it out!! ^_^

It's also available on Melon, Bugs etc.


released 17 December 2012
All parts of this song is written and sung by ReBorn.
Every instruments synthesized by ReBorn.
Lyric by ReBorn.
Cover designed by Kimia from Germany.


하루도 안 거르고 널 만났지
날이면 날마다
피곤한것도 모르고
보고싶은 밤이면 널 만나러갔어
졸린눈 비비고

그땐 그 잠시가 왜 그리 짧았을까
두세 시간이 내겐 마치
만나 마자 곧 바로 벌써 헤어질 시간

널 보면 설레던 그느낌 모두 어디로 가버렸는지
no 이러면 안되.
자꾸 널 피하게되

익숙해 진걸까
설레던 느낌
바보가 된걸까
기억을 잃은 사랑

아 이러면 안되는데 변해가는게 느껴져

i dont wanna
i dont wanna
i dont wanna
leave you

나의 어디가 잘못된걸까
활짝 웃고있는
널 보면 마음이 너무 아파
i dont wanna
i dont wanna
i dont wanna
leave you

돌아갈수 있기는 한걸까
크게 변해버린 내 마음이
너무 불안해

-Verse 2
여전히 널 만나면 기분은 좋은데
뭔가 이상해 지루해 따분해 할말은 점점 없는데
시계만 바라보네

그때 그 잠시가 왜 그리 짧았을까
두세 시간이 이젠 마치
만나 마자 곧 바로 벌써 헤어지고 싶어

한참을 바라보던 핸드폰
이미 너와 난 딴곳만 바라볼뿐
아 너무 어색해 자꾸 시계를 보게되

익숙해 진걸까
사랑의 느낌
바보가 된걸까
기억을 잃은 사랑

아 어떻해야해 이별이 벌써 느껴져


내가 네게 한말이 분명 큰 상처로 남겠지만
서로에게 잠시 시간이 필요 한것같아
눈물 하나로 해결될 그런 일이아냐
잠시 떨어져 있다보면
잃어버린 내 사랑이 떠오를꺼야

- Adilb
아주많이 변해버린 내 마음이 정말 불안해
너무도 변해버린 내 마음을 이젠 모르겠어

ReBorn posted in Facebook the release date of his new upcoming single called "안되는데"!!^^
It will be released on 17th December.

The release information was posted with this picture:
We can't wait to listen to it, right?!! ^_^
ReBorn visited the E-World fashion show in Beijing

ReBorn went to China and performed at the E-World fashion show.
Here you can see come photos with ReBorn. Doesn't he look very stylish? ^__^

photo credits: as tagged + +
ReBorn is working on his 3rd album

On 5th March, Reborn uploaded a new video to his Youtube channel, telling that he is still on track doing music.
In this video he gives us a glimse of his new work and upcoming album.
Check it out!! ^__^

video uploaded by ItsReBorn
                                 ReBorn is popular among Romanian Korea fans

Just last year, Reborn had an interview with the Romanian "Korea Film" website (, which we also had re-published in our rebornfans fan site. 

This year in February, ReBorn made his second interview with his Romanian fans. This time he had an interview
with a kpop news website, called "Kpopro" (, which gives the latest newst about Korean pop music.

That shows that our favorite musician is also very popular or well known among Romanian Korea fans.

At ReBorn's latest interview with "Kpopro", he gave new information about his upcoming works and answered 15 questions about himself.

So if you're intrested, I'm sure that you are, just visit this link and read the whole interview ;)
ReBorn took the 16th place in the "The German Asian Music Charts" of January 2012.

ReBorn's popularity is still high among the German Korean music listeners.
He just entered the "German Asian Music Charts" of January with his new song "I don't want" and took the 16th place.

Last year, ReBorn retained with his song "you with me" 3 months in the TOP 20 of the "German Asian Music Charts".
Congrats to our favorite musician ReBorn!!^^

It's 26th January and the birthday of our favorite musician ReBorn!^^
Here is a video made by fans with remarkable in cooperation with rebornfans. Just check it out!! ^^
Thanks to remarkable and to all fans who participated in this project.
Here is the English translation to the song "바라지 않아" ^^. 

A friend of mine in Twitter ( @9_eunji ) was so kind to accept my request to translate the new song of Reborn.
It was difficult for her to translate the lyrics, so there must be some mistakes. This translation is not 100% right but it will give us a little understanding of the song.

I read a sad story on the unintentionally opened book
Just like the two of us
that we shouldn't go apart

When I turned back, I couldn't forget
Seeing our pictures which I kept
Everyday which passed a whole night in tears and
me looking for you in the past

I don't want you to come back
I wouldn't find you anxiously
I only look back to our sad break up

There was a blind alley, I lost where to go
I didn't want to break the long relation with you

Where should I come back around here
Seeing your trace I kept
The love is really over
Painfilly I said to myself again that you're erased

Hook x2

I'm not sad
I can't stop it
I don't want you
I only sadly crying
I've never

Music Video and Hangul lyrics to ReBorns new Single "바라지 않아

ReBorn's new single album "바라지 않아" (I don't want) and music video was released yesterday.
You can purchase the single album as mp3 in all Korean music download sites.

Single: 바라지 않아
Lable: Melodeep Records

01 - 바라지 않아
02 - 바라지 않아 (instrumental)

It is a beautiful ballad telling the story of a man who became alone after his lover moved out.
And he tries to get her things away. In the Music Video is also a funny scene, but I won't tell more about it.
So just watch it and spread our favorite musician's song into the world ^_^.

Video was uploaded to youtube by AsianDream2018


Here you can read the Korean lyrics to this song
and also the English translation will be published here really soon ^^.



"바라지 않아"

문뜩 펼쳐든 책에서 슬픈 이야길 보았어
마치 우리 둘 처럼
해서는 안될 이별을

돌아서면 잊혀질까
간직했던 우리 사진을 보면서
눈물로 매일을 지샜던 날들과
지난 시간 속에 널 찾는 내 모습

돌아오길 바라지 않아
널 애태워 찾지 않아
다만 슬픈 우리 이별을 안타까워 돌아 볼 뿐야

막다른 골목이였어 더 이상 갈 곳을 잃었어
놓치고 싶지 않았어 길었던 너와의 끊을

이쯤이면 돌아올까
간직했던 너의 흔적을 보면서
정말로 끝나버린 사랑이라며
또 애써 내게 널 지우라 하지만

돌아오길 바라지 않아
널 애태워 찾지 않아
다만 슬픈 우리 이별을 안타까워 돌아 볼 뿐야

돌아오길 바라지 않아
널 붙잡고 싶지 않아
다만 서툰 우리 사랑을 안타까워 돌아 볼 뿐야

슬프지 않아 굳이 아무렇지 않다는 듯이
웃어봐도 눈물이 아무렇지 않다는 듯이
흘러 내리 잖아
멈출 수 없자나

너를 원하지 않아
다만 안타까워 슬피 울 뿐야
절대로 난